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3rd July 2010 @ Heythrop College, Kensington, London

Meet @ 10.30am


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   Twitter: @MoodleDan


After attending this years MoodleMoot I couldnt help but think that as the Moodle community grows so does the diversity of the user base who attend. The natural progression of a piece of software with global appeal and a global user base.


There were many presentations to choose from and a generous handfull of keynote speeches across the two day event, most of which I found both informative and inspiring.


While there I met many people who I've been following on Twitter for some time now, I also met lots of new 'moodlers' with a wealth of experience - I always claim its impossible for one person to know everything there is to know about Moodle, just when you think you have a featured tied down someone pops up with a twist or turn on how they utilise the same functionality in a diverse or unique way.


I'd like TeachMeetMoodle to focus on the way Moodle is used in the Primary and Secondary Education sector.


I want to keep the detail brief at this stage, the TeachMeet should be about the people who attend and the exchanges that take place.


Brief Details:




Date and Venue *Updated*


 I am pleased to announce that after much deliberating, emails and numerous conversations TeachMeetMoodle has a venue and date set!


TeachMeetMoodle at Heythrop College


Venue Heythrop College - Website - Map - Directions

Kensington Square



W8 5HN


Date  3rd July 2010 AM (Its a Saturday!! which I hope should enable more Moodler's to attend)


Time Lets meet at Heythrop at around 10.30am and get down to business about 11.00am


Refreshments* There will be tea, coffee, biscuits, water available. There will also be wireless internet access available.


* Big thanks go to the guys at SchoolsICT for kindly covering the cost of the Boxing Glove refreshments on lawyers burnaby the day and helping to keep TeachMeets Free, Thanks Guys!!!



Schoolsict - enabling 21st century learning

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For anyone who wants to come the best option is public transport (the College is a 2 minute walk from High Street Kensington tube station) - anyone who wants to bring a car needs to email me (Nadeem n.ahmad@heythrop.ac.uk) first and will need the sat nav post code of W8 5BU.


I want to say a big thank you to all of you who offered to host the event or put me in touch with people who could offer a venue, it was very much appreciated.



Basic rules for the TeachMeet:



Rules taken from the suggested TeachMeet Rules here...




Dan Humpherson (@MoodleDan)

Miles Berry (@mberry)

Kristianstill (@kristianstill)

Ian Tasker (@penfold_99) from SchoolsICT (@schoolsict)

Toby Holman (@tobyholman)

Helen Morgan (@nellmog)

Tony Sheppard (@grumbledook)

James Michie (@jamesmichie)

Gideon Williams (@gideonwilliams)

Dan Bowen (@dan_bowen)

Claire Browne (@Claire7179) from CVQO

Bob Irving(@birv2)

Daniel Needlestone (@nstone)

Matthew Gale (@mggale) and (@stbensfencing)

Rosie Douglas (@mkcelearn)

Carol Wrycraft @cwrycraft

Dan Attwood @danbuntu

George Hannah (@precedence)

Nadeem Ahmad - I'm from Heythrop College who will be hosting this

Fred Crowson (@fcbsd)

Paul Garratt ( @garratt83 )

Gerrard Shaw (@gshaw0)

Richard Harris

Ben Nunney (@bennuk)

Kerry Turner

Ian Usher (@iusher) - assuming I'm not moving house over that w/e (cough)

Clare Sarson (@dailydenouement)

Ian Wild (@IanDavidWild)

Matthew Wild (http://identi.ca/mattj)

Steven Keevil (onmejack)

Dan Marshall

R Jiggins


Andy Wallis (@andywallis) - hopefully depending on new timetable

Barbara Gardner bgardner@studygroup.com

Joan Oladunjoye Joan.oladunjoye@midkent.ac.uk

Charoula Blackwood (@CHAR0ULA)

Sailma Ali sali@bucksgfl.org.uk

Darren Murphy (@darrenmurphy)

Kathy Chilvers Social Media Agency Manchester

Kevin Hunt (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/kevinghunt)

John McLear @johnmclear or http://mclear.co.uk

Martyn Colliver @mcolliver (Cure for Tinnitus )

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7 minute micro-presentations:


Parental Engagement - Ian Tasker (Dan Humpherson has seen the presentation at MoodleMoot)

Moodle and music quiz, a teacher embedding audio files into Moodle quiz (http://daibarnes.info/blog/2010/07/teachmeet-moodle-presentation/) - Dai Barnes

Blended Learning - How Moodle changed the learning inside and outside my classroom (James Michie) - Blog post including all 72 sides from presentation and here is a link to my mind map exploring David D. Thornburgs Ph.D.'s Campfires In Cyberspace + the original document. Send Money to family overseas.

Moodleb2ikiocs (sorry -thats appalling) - "integrating" other stuff with Moodle in a Year 8 Gaming course - Gideon Williams

A few recent vignettes of real virtual learning - Ian Usher - I can't attend on the day, so (assuming there's a data projector, decent connection & audio) would like to do it via an Adobe Connect room from home. If my name comes up, could someone call me on oh seven seven four seven seven five seven eight six eight and give me 7 (or 14) minutes' notice to set up? Test the connection here.

Let there be clouds - A look at the free live services plugin for Moodle - Ben Nunney - http://vimeo.com/13037165 

Some Add-ons and Plug-ins you might not have seen - Gideon Williams

What can Moodle teach teachers about e-learning? - Miles Berry

Mallards & Moodle - Daniel Needlestone

Moodle Sans Frontieres - Implementing a network of Moodles across Europe - Ian Wild

Using visuals to encourage student ownership - Helen Morgan

Staff CPD, getting started with Moodle course (plus a quick look at Live@Edu in action on our site) - Gerrard Shaw


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2 minute nano-presentations:



Journals for evidence - Gideon Williams

Moodle and Classdroid - A mobile app for recording directly into an eportfolio - Watch on YouTube Now

Moodle in a foreign language college - Kevin Hunt

Using Questionnaires to gather feedback and improve quality-Helen Morgan

Generating a collaboration site for IT Managers / IT Support Providers but wanting ideas - Tony Sheppard


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Suggested discussion topics:


How can I dress like that icon of style Dai Barnes? (Seconded!)

Selling Moodle to Staff

Assessment in Moodle (perhaps might be brought up in the selling Moodle to staff bit?)

Other uses and examples of Opensource in education outside of and around Moodle

E-portfolios, blogs and Moodle...


Speed networking:  I'm running a Moodle Users Group (MUG) at our college today and I do a speed networking session, runs like speed dating ... you can find what people have been doing, what interests you and take details for contacting later.  Would be happy to run a session like this for teachers (would work for techies too) - Rosie Douglas (MidKent College)

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